“The forms work seamlessly awesome. I received immediate positive feedback from our new patients as to how easy and quick they were to fill out. I am sure this will end the ‘new patient no shows’ as they will feel the tone of our biologic office through answering the thorough information. If they take the time to fill out the forms, they will be committed. Immediately my office manager felt she was relieved of the pressure of gathering information at the time of the initial visit. I would recommend this system to any health professional – it’s a no-brainer!”
– Mark W., DDS

“Having the forms sent to us prior to the appointment saves us a lot of time for new patients. The forms come in a format that is extremely legible and professional.  Online forms show the office to be up to date with modern technology.” 
– Scott S., DDS

“The online patient forms are working out wonderfully and better than anticipated! They are so helpful to the doctor to get to know the patient ahead of the appointment.”  
– Deb – Front Desk Administrator

“The forms in the Biological Dentistry library have impressed new patients, giving them an indication of the quality care they will receive as reflected in the types of questions being asked.”  
– Carolyn. S., Office Administrator