Quick Tour

1. Sign-up & Set-up

– Answer a few questions for us by completing a short questionnaire about your business and your needs regarding online forms. (notification preferences, form submission emails, etc.)

– Decide if you’d like to use forms that we’ve already prepared or have your current forms integrated into our system.

– Try out our demo form:

webpage-icon Sample – Patient Introduction Form


2. The Patient Experience

When patients use the webpage format, they will complete the forms online.  Your website will contain a link to our form processing secure website, which contains webpages dedicated to your practice. When the forms are submitted, they’ll interact with our HIPAA-compliant server.

Click here to visit our Demo Forms Website>

3. Receive the Forms

Once a form is submitted, a PDF version is generated on our HIPAA-compliant server. You may choose to receive the completed form in your email or retrieve it from your own portal. Completed forms are stored for 30 days on the server.

You may also receive notifications by text or email when a form is submitted. This notification does not contain the form. It’s simply notifying you that your new patient has completed a form.

You or your staff may print the form or save the PDF file to your computer – perhaps in the patient’s document folder within your practice management software.

Sample filled PDF form>