We offer reasonable pricing for your online patient form needs, including standard and customized forms. Be sure to ask about our existing forms, as we have developed unique forms designed to elicit complete, honest responses from the patient.

Set-up Fees

Standard (Using existing forms that we currently offer from our Forms Library)

Custom (We set up your existing forms to work with our system)
Ballpark: $500-$990

Fees may vary, depending on the extensiveness of your forms or choice of format (PDF or webpage).

Annual/Monthly Forms Hosting & Processing

$595 annual (2 months savings!)
$59.50 monthly

Some Standard Forms Currently Available for Biological/Holistic Dental Offices

  • Patient Introduction
  • Dental History
  • Medical History
  • Mercury/Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms Questionnaire
  • HIPAA Policy & Consent
  • Financial Policy

Please ask us about other forms available, as our library is increasing every day!

Keep in mind that we also serve all types of holistic health and wellness practices.