How do I receive a form once it’s been submitted by a patient?
Once a patient has clicked “Submit” on the web-based version of the forms, the forms may arrive in an email to an address of your choosing, as long as it is TSL complaint. You may also choose to log in to your portal to retrieve and download forms, which will be stored for 30 days.

May I receive a notification that a form has been submitted?
Yes. You may receive text and/or email notifications letting you know that a form has been submitted. This notification will not include the form itself.

How are the online forms and data secure?
For web-based forms, the data is encrypted as it’s entered on our secure website. Upon submission, the data is sent to our secure, HIPAA-compliant server.

Do you have a Business Associate Agreement available?
Yes, at the start of the setup process, we will send you a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

What format can the forms come in?
The forms will come in PDF format, which can be either emailed to your office or downloaded through your own portal. We do also offer other database types of formats. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.

Are there options for how a patient can fill out a form?
Due to device and browser potential incompatibilities, we no longer offer the downloadable PDF version of your patient form to be filled out by the patient offline. Our webpage forms are filled out by the patient directly online on our secure server. Your online forms are hosted on a secure website that has been customized to your practice.

Can you help me put my forms on my website?
Your webmaster will be given instructions for installation of the forms. Installation is very easy, as it only involves placing hyperlinks on your website to the forms. If you need assistance in placing the links on your website, our Stand Tall Media team will be happy to help for a nominal fee.

What are the computer requirements to run the medical record system?
The practice office will need to be able to open Adobe PDF documents. The PDF forms need to be downloaded to a computer with an internet connection.  Get Adobe Reader here.

Can I use my own forms?
Yes. The set-up fee is higher for custom forms and depends on how extensive those forms are. We have a library of forms from holistic practitioners who have developed very effective forms for eliciting complete information from patients. Choosing our standard forms may save you some money.

Is there a limit on the number of patients?
No. As your practice grows, at this time the fees are not affected by number of submissions.

Are e-signatures accepted?
Yes. Our web page forms will contain an electronic signature, which consists of an authorization to accept the patient’s name to be typed onto the form.  If an ink signature is required, the patient can sign the form at their first appointment with you.

Do the forms work on mobile devices?
In general, yes. But some tablets and cell phones may have issues with form layout and page navigation. These are issues with the devices themselves and not our programs. We encourage the use of desktop or laptop computers.

Can the online forms be integrated as pages directly on my website?
No. The web-based forms need to be on a secure server. Your web-based forms will be made available through a link on your website to our secure server forms site.
Example: https://demo.securehealth.info

Can I use the same forms for multiple websites?
Yes. However, the forms must be used for the same business or practice.

How long are the completed patients forms kept on the server?
The completed patient forms are stored for 30 days. It’s important to download the forms as you receive them and put them into your own document system.

Will these patient forms enable my practice to become paperless?
Yes. Once you receive the completed form, you’re responsible for storing the data on your computers in your office. Offices that choose not to be completely paperless can print out the form and put it in the patient’s chart.

Can the data from the patient forms be integrated into my practice management software?
No. At this time, we do not integrate with management software. However, we are working on including this feature in the future.

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